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I'm having serious withdrawals from not being able to use my tablet. I was only away for a week, and it somehow came up missing under my family's watch. Seriously, I'm ready to tear the damn house apart looking for it! Really hoping I don't have to buy another one, again. But, whatever, I deal with that when the time comes, I guess. But, whenever and if ever I do find it, I'm probably going to make a new account where I'll be posting base free work, since I'm not happy with it anymore. And, I really want to branch out from Fairy Tail since....well, it's kinda gotta bad - but that irrational part of me still loves it, regardless. After all, i met so many wonderful people through it. Unfortunately for Fairy Tail I have a new obsession, and that's My Hero Academia! I swear that it's one of the best anime/manga I've ever read. I just love everything about it, especially my explosive husband Katsuki. I also want to do more for One Piece, and then I started watching Little Witch Academia which is SO FUCKING CUTE!

Bleh, basically rambling at this point.
  • Listening to: Lady Gaga


My Hero Academia Character: Golnar Akarui
This is the very first character I created for this fandom, though originally she started off very different, and much more bland. The design she has now came after I was randomly playing a dress up game, and liked the character I had created. So, that's where her design comes from, though the artwork is by me. It's not finished, obviously, I still need to work on her hero costume, and would like to have a proper reference sheet done for her, and have everything shaded - the hair is going to kill me. She's heavily based off of another superhero.

What you need to know about my baby! :D

Name: Akarui Golnar
Hero Name: Moltenium Thermite
Birthday: September 28th
Age: 15
Blood Type: AB
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red and Orange
Eye Color: Grey
Quirk: Magmakinesis
Status: Alive
Country of Origin: Japan
Occupation: Student
Class: 1-A
Affiliation: U.A
Voice Actor: 
English: Michelle Ruff
Japanese: Sawashiro Miyuki
Status: Alive
Country of Origin: Japan

Love Interest: Anyone interested in pairing our characters together? :)

 (Originally, she was shipped with Bakugou, but I've since started shipping him with another character of mine. Unfortunately, I can't see her being paired with any other canon character. So, is anyone maybe interested in being paired with her? She's bisexual so... :D)


Fudo Golnar "Raging Inferno": Fudo is the father of Akarui and her siblings, and a very powerful and respected hero. He is called the Raging Inferno due to his powerful pyrokinetic quirk. He is a man of pride, and does not take kindly to those who try to challenge his families legacy. Fudo is the type of man to look down on weaker heroes, viewing them as lesser being. Akarui swears he only became a hear to bask in the glory, rather than helping people, or doing it for the greater good. Fudo had placed high expectations on his children and will not tolerate failure. He especially expects good things from Akarui, as her Quirk is the most powerful of her siblings.

Quirk: Pyrokinesis

Moriko "Godess Gaia" Golnar: Moriko is the mother of the Golnar siblings and the wife of Fudo. She's a woman of perfection, with a quirk that allows her to transform the earth. Moriko accepts nothing other than perfect from herself and her children; anything less is an embarrassment. She's a woman with a stick up her ass who thinks of herself way too highly. If her children are to get injured, she see's it as a punishment for not pushing themselves hard enough.

Quirk: Earth Manipulation

Himika Golnar "Spitfire": Himika is Akarui's older sister, and has a quirk that allows her to control and shape fire. She goes by the alias "Spitfire" due to her feisty personality, and flaming power. In the beginning she is a daddies girl, and does whatever she can to get on his good side - which works. She to used to look down on the weaker heroes, and scoffed at anyone who dare try to challenge her. She wasn't above bullying her little sister, who was the black sheep of the family. But, later, when she see's how hard her sister pushes herself, to the point of nearly killing herself, she begins to question her families way. Himika is left dumbfounded as her sister grows stronger and stronger, and she, and their brother fall behind. In the end, she realizes that her way of thinking has been wrong, and aims to become a true hero; like her sister.

Quirk: Fire Manipulation

Mitsuru "Terraforce" Golnar: Mitsuru is the older brother of Himika and Akarui, and has a quirk that allows him to control the earth. He is very much like his father and looks down on those who are weak. He's also very much like Katsuki, just not as obnoxious or explosive. Nerveless, he's very cruel, especially towards his younger sister, which is shown when he pushes her near death, and then attacks her when she's down. He only stopped to not be thrown out of the competition, as his parents wouldn't have cared if Akarui was killed or not. He becomes nastier and nastier as time progresses, and eventually, joins the villain alliance, as he see's the world of heroes as nothing but weaklings. He'll continue to battle against his siblings until the day he is beaten by Akarui and put into his place.

Quirk: Terrakinesis


Izuku Midoriya: Izuku Midoriya is Akarui's closest friend, and the one she trusts the most in the world. She see's him as a little brother, and always tends to keep a watchful eye out for him. She does tend to over worry about him knowing he doesn't have a quirk, but admires his dedication of fulfilling his dream. Later, after discovering his strange quirk, she wonders just how strong Izuku really is.

Ochako Uraraka: Ochako is Akarui's second closest friend, who she meets shortly after joining the school. She see's her as a cute little sister, and finds it adorable how shy Izuku gets around her. Akarui can usually be found around Ochako when not with Izuku.

Tenya Iida: At first, he got on her last nerve. She hated his whole knowledge superiority, and tried to avoid him, but he always seemed to pop up, anyway. Though, later she finds him to be a lovable goof, and values his friendship. She's slightly envious of the relationship he has with his brother.

Eijirou Kirishima: Akarui finds Eijirou to be pretty cool, and likes to hang out with him. She likes how easily he can get under Katsuki's nerves, and find him funny. They got along well.

Tsuyu Asui: Initially, she thought she was pretty weird, but after getting to know her she finds her absolutely adorable; weirdness and all.

Kyouka Jirou: The two get along swimmingly. Mostly, do to the fact that they're both tomboys at heart, and don't take shit from anyone.

Shouto Todoroki: These two get along well because they both have strained relationships with their family. Though they didn't talk much at first. Once Shouto opened up, they developed a mutual understanding of one another and respect. Even if they don't speak much, she considers him a close friend.

Mei Hatsume: Mei is the only one that Akarui trusts to handle her equipment. The two get along pretty well. Mei likes to use Akarui as a guinea pig for her inventions, and Akarui likes to use those invention.s Mei can be a little odd, but she's used to it by now.


Katsuki Bakugou: Katsuki is the only person in the world that can piss Akarui off like no other! Every time she's around him she loses her temper, and loses control of herself and her powers, which usually results in him laughing and mocking her. The two harbor a rivalry, but Akarui would never wish any ill will of Katsuki, though the same can't be said for. Despite their apparent hated for another, there is also a deep respect; they both acknowledged that the other is strong, and take thrill in fighting one another. There are rare, extremely rare, moments that show that in a twisted way they care for one another. Like when Katsuki faced off against her brother and angrily declared he was going to kill him for injuring Akarui's bitch ass, since he couldn't fight her.

Momo Yaoyorozu: The rivalry here is very one-sided, as Akarui is very jealous of Momo's skill and ability to think quick on her feet. And, she's one of the few people who's managed to outsmart her in battle. Momo finds her actions comical, and does care for Akarui.

Personality: People often tell Akarui that she's a lost cause. Akarui has a very aggressive nature when it comes to people she's untrusting of, or people who annoy her, or if someone comes between her and her food. She's very bad-mannered, and hardly ever apologizes for it. Akarui is a carefree person who likes to play by her own rules and doesn't care to be told what to do. She's been shown to be very courageous when facing danger. Akarui is very daring and won't let anyone or anything hold her back. She's very blunt, not caring if she hurts your feelings or not - she'll always speak the truth. When it comes to patience, Akarui has none. She's wants things done when she wants them done. She is very independent and absolutely hates when others try to do for her. Akarui can also get into moods where she becomes very lazy and will refuse to do anything. She's proud, of her quirk, and her strength. . Akarui's favorite thing is sarcasm. She's very stubborn, which annoys most people. She also becomes very childish when she doesn't get her way.

History: Akarui comes from a family of successful heroes, each with their own powerful quirks. Her family take great pride in their strength and reputation, and go to great lengths to make sure their legacy is continued and not tarnished. Akarui has been raised to become an ultimate fighting machine, someone to topple over others. Her life has been dictated by power and control. She feels more like a weapon to her family than anything else.

Quirks and Abilities:

Magmakinesis: The power to manipulate geothermal molten substances. Combination of Earth Manipulation and Fire Manipulation. User can create, shape and manipulate molten rock (magma while underground, lava when on surface), a mixture of molten or semi-molten rock, volatiles and solids, it may also contain suspended crystals, dissolved gas and gas bubbles. She also has good amount of control over fire, that she inherited from her fathers side, and earth, from her mother. Though, not quite as good as her sister, or brother. Akarui's quirk was born from her fathers Pyrokinesis, and her mothers ability to transform the earth.


Eruption Shakedown:  To rise volcanoes and/or cause eruptions.

Lava Tsunami: The most basic of all lava techniques, the user will simply spew a large wave of molten earth at their opponent. Though basic, the technique is quite deadly, as the wave can be much larger than the target and is capable of swallowing them whole; disintegrating them in the process.

Ring of Lava: Akarui creates a a wall of laval around her opponent that prevents them from escaping.

Eruption Smackdown: Akarui attack her opponent with her fist coated in hardened, molten lava.

Boosted Pressure: The pressure resulting from these emitted gases can be used to increase the force behind physical attacks, giving the user immense strength.

Lava Burst: A burst of lava shoots up from under the opponent like a geyser.

Molten Fireball: The user expels a single lava boulder at the opponent. This boulder can be expelled with varying degrees of viscosity and force. Much to their composition, the boulders can melt through most objects with ease.

Spitfire Blast: Akarui spews balls of fire at her opponent from the palms of her hands.

Stomping Fissure: Akarui stomps on the ground, creating a giant split.

Volcanic Shield: A shield of hardened lava that is used to protect Akarui and her comrades.

Geo-Thermo Armor: A simpleminded version of the Obsidian Armor. It requires less training and focus, but produces a much weaker armor that only last for about five minutes.

Lava Spew: Akarui spews lava from her mouth.

Obsidian Armor: The obsidian armor is a complicated technique that requires an immense level of training and focus. But, the end result is a powerful armor that coats over Akarui's skin.

Raining Lava: Lava rains down from the sky, in fat, globs.

Blaze Kick: Akarui attacks with a flaming kick.

Rain of Fire: Akarui wills large meteorites to fall from the sky.

Incineration Tornado: Akarui summons a fiery tornado and attacks.

Flash Fire: Akarui douses herself in flames and charges the enemy.

Phoenix Sword: Akarui summons a fiery sword.

Thermal Blast: Akarui blats the foe with a torrent of fire.

Magma Canon: Akarui forms a hardened outer shell on her arm, that fills with lava, and shoots off molten fireballs.

Akarui's powers depend on her maintaining contact with the Earth or whichever planet she is on, or at least with a floor that is part of a structure in contact with the ground. Magma's powers are linked to her emotions; hence, by losing her temper she can temporarily lose control of her powers.

She can create flames and project blasts of heat that do not contain any molten rock. However, she apparently prefers to fire magma blasts rather than simple heat blasts, perhaps because the magma blasts have a solid impact that can knock down a target. The highest level of heat that Magma can generate is not yet known, but it is believed that she can reach at least 850° Fahrenheit or higher.

She can psionically cause magma, or molten rock, from far beneath Earth's surface to rise to and break through the surface, forming miniature volcanoes. can also telekinetically project fiery blasts of magma at targets. Apparently she does so by turning nearby rock molten and then telekinetically hurling it at her target.
She can psionically control the movement of the tectonic plates within the Earth's crust within limited areas, probably no less than a radius of a few city blocks. Within this area she can create small or large earthquakes by psionically affecting the Earth's crust.


Lava Immunity

May be unable to create molten stone, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
Control is extremely important. Unconscious use of this power isn't something to laugh at.

Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.

Fireproof Skin and/or Thermal Resistance isn't always part of the package, so burning herself is possible.
Molten stone can be slowed/stopped by water, ice or cold.

Akarui will begin to overheat when she is pushed too far. It's not good for her body, and can lead to serious injuries. The issue is semi resolved when Mei creates a new suite for her that is made to cool her body down. In worse case scenarios, her skill will begin to melt from the heat.

Akarui's body temperature is naturally higher than others. Though, she doesn't really notice.


Gauntlets: Akarui has gauntlets attatched to her uniform that are made from material that cannot be melted by her lava. She uses her gauntlets to store lava in, and later attack with. The gauntlets have canisters attatched that are filled with maga that she can spray and attack with. The gauntlets can also be used with her fire based attacks.

Fuel Pack: Akarui wears a fuel pack that looks like an advanced backpack. It has canisters attached to it that store magma and nitrogen. The tubes attatch to her gantlets, and refill her fuel when she runs out.

Flamethrower: Mei later gives Akarui an extension to her gauntlets that works as a flamethrower.

Padded Armor: Akarui wears padded armor under her clothes for extra protection. She also wears knee braces as she finds them stylish.

Booster Braces: Again, Akarui has Mei hook her up with specially designed braces that are meant to ehance her speed.

Stength Enhancing Bracers: Bracers specifically designed to increase her strength by a little.
Hero Outfit:

Akarui's herosuit is a sleeveless, white bodysuit that is tight-fitting. Red cracks split down the suit, making is appear as if magma is flowing throughout it - which is it! In the center of her chest is a cooling device, that is designed to keep her body from overheating, which is a serious problem for her. Around her waist she wears a chunky yellow belt with a built in magma core. On her hands, she wears a pair of white gauntlets, that had built in nitrogen and magma canisters that have tubed that attached to a a yellow fuelback located on her back, that is used for nitrogen and magma storage, and is designed to refill her fuel when she runs out. She has an extension on her right gauntlet that works as a flamethrower. Her outfit is also padded with armor, and is made to be fireproof, and provide a little resistance from cold based attacks. Her outfit tucks into a pair of chunky white boots that also have built in magma cores, and has the same cracked design. Lastly, she wears speed and strength enhancing bracers on her arms and legs.

Appearance: Akarui is a dark-skinned girl, with steel grey eyes, and wild, red and orange hair, that looks like fire; her hair only brushes against her shoulders, but she has a section of hair that is longer than the rest, that reaches down to her waist, fading from orange, to red. Two orange tufts of hair stick up from her head, commonly being mistake from ears. Oddly, her eyebrows appear to be white. Akarui has a toned body, with little curves; she takes pride in keepig herself in shape, and doesn't seem to be offended when people often mistake her for a boy from the back. Dark freckles brush over her nose.


Leadership: 3/5
Physical Strength: 4/5
Intelligence: 3/5
Reflexes: 3/5
Stamina: 3/5
Observation: 2/5
Agility: 4/5
Mental Strength: 1/5
Willpower: 2/5
Confidence: 3/5
Charisma: 3/5
Feminity: 2/5
Sincerity: 4/5
Humor: 3/5
Social Skills: 2/5
Empathy: 4/5
Memory: 3/5
Studies: 2/5
Tactical skills: 3/5
Patience: 1/5
Cooking: 3/5


"A hero is someone who finds the strength to endure, and to become bigger than their former self. A hero will always overcome the obstacles life has set for them, and triumph with adversity."

"Nothing is given without struggle."

"It is during hard times that a real hero is created."

"A hero isn't defined by quirks alone. No, anyone can be a hero if they truly desire so. As long as they are willing to done courage and help those in need, then they too can be a hero."

"I am the hero of my story. The only one who gets to write my story is me, myself, and I alone."

Be honest, you didn't read all that did you? Lol. I'll put disclaimers and all the jazz once I'm finished.

Artwork belongs to me. Do not steal.
My Hero Academia Character Concept
Hi. Everyone meet my Supreme Edge-Lord oc, Hanshou Bochi; an edgy - zombie rights activist - otaku - closet nerd - reaper - reaper76 trash - supreme gay. Look, you get the point, and that point is...

I fucking love this guy. I'm still messing around with his design and trying to find something unique. I want him to be more tall, and lanky, and probably have sunken cheekbones. I want him to look like an undead person, which makes sense, since his quirk is called "Undead Soul" and let's him take on the form of any undead creature, while gaining their abilities and weaknesses, respectfully.

Zombies are his favorite.

He's also either paired with Kirishima or Katsuki, since their like, the opposites of him.

To get you excited, here's some fun fats about Bochi!

Bochi literally believes women to be the work of the devil. Mostly, because he's secretly scared shitless of them.

Bochi is the biggest pile or Reaper(76) trash you will ever meet. Reaper, is literally his hero, ironically; his costume is inspired by him, and some of his abilities.

Bochi believes that The Walking Dead is a shameful misrepresentation of zombies, and had created a petition to have the show cancelled or have the creators and cast apologize, for their zombie bigotry. Unsurprisingly, he didn't get much support - a lot of hate - but not very much support.

He has a little brother who is a precious sinnamon roll named Baseki. Baseki is a villain to be, and he's a little ball of dark sunshie who speaks in third person, and is a little bit insane.

I have so much on Bochi, and I can't wait to get his design finished. He'll be my main BnHA OC, and I'll hopefully be able to draw a lot of pictures of him.

Be sure to let me know what you think of him! :)
Trong to think of a way to help cover the costs of my grandma's funeral services. We're having a showing for her, but we'd also like to have some kind of service afterwards for the family, but we can't afford it. I don't know what to do. This is all so fucking stressful.
I am left broken and shattered, as today my Granny has passed away after  long, hard fight against lung cancer. Granny, you were and will continue to be an inspiration to me, and I love you always and forever

Rest in peace
I'm back, bitches!

I know it's been forever, but I'm just glad to finally be back. Anyway, this is a sneak peak at my My Hero Academia OC, Gessica. I really adore her, and hope you all as well.

AND I DREW IT ALL! NO BASE! So proud of myself. Did have to look up a couple of references though.


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