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Mary Sue Test

Tagged by the beautiful rebecca0105


Noelle Yuletide

Does your character's name have some kind of special meaning? [2 points if yes]

- No, not really. I mean, it's winter themed to tie in with her being an Ice Dragon Slayer, does that count? xD


What is/are the main fandom(s) your character is in? [3 points if in more then 1]

- Fairy Tail


Is your character unusually attractive? [3 points]

- I don't know? I've been told she's pretty, but I don't think she's unusually attractive lol.

Does your character have some type of unusual characteristic? (ie. Cat ears, cat tail, unusual eye color, Unusual hair colors [fiery red, blue, white, green, rainbow, purple and pink all count]) [4 points. 5 extra for Cat features if the character is in anime fandom]

- Well shit, she does have white hair. But blue eyes are normal, damn it! [4]

Does your character's clothing resemble any canon character's? [2 points]

- Well apparently Noelle looks like a combination of Mavis and Juvia. And I did take inspiration from Juvia's style, so yeah, I guess. [2]

Does your character have animal characteristics? [Bat wings, animal ears, animalistic body ect...] [2 point]

- Nope.


Is your character from a place that the fandom doesn't take place in? [3 points]

- She's from Fiore, but the village she comes from is my own. But does that count?

Is your character a demon? [3 points]

- No.

Is your character related to a demon? [2 points]

- Nu-uh

Is your character related to a supreme being? (ie, god/goddess, Satan, angels ect...) [6 points]

- Not a chance.

Does your character practice witch craft? [2 points]

- Pretty much xD [2]

Can your character change form? [2 points]

- Wait, shit, does Dragon Force count??? I think it does. [2]

Affair with canons: (Oh fuck)

Is your character in love with a canon?

- Shit, yeah.

If so; who?

- Gray Fullbuster

Are they romantically involved? [4 points]

- Yes they are [4 points]

Do they end up having kids? [4 points]

- They eventually have three kids. So yeah. [4 points]

Did they get married? [2 points]

- Yuppers. [2 points]

Do they have flaws in their relationship? [Not worth any points]

- Oh yeah. Noelle always has to go and complicate shit.

Are there other canons who lust over your character? [4 points. Extra 3 if more then one canon lusts after your character]

- Not canon, no. Lyon does have a crush on her for a while, but doesn't lust over her. I refuse to count this!

Is your character related to any of the canons by blood? [2 points]

- No. The closest relation to canon character Noelle has is Natsu, and that's only because Isoldeth(Noelle's dragon mother) and Igneel were/are mates. So, you could kinda count them as brother and sister, but not really; so no.

Is your character in love with more then one canon? [2 points]

- No. But I totally ship her with Laxus and Juvia. More like crack ships that no one will ever understand but myself. Let me live!

Has your character had past romantic relationships with other canons? [7 points]

- No sir.

Does your character hate any of the canon characters and wishes to hurt/kill them? [6 points]

- Nah.

Has your character ever been involved with prostitution/drugs/child abuse/rape? [4 points]

- Weeeellllll one of these could be true.... [4 points]

Has your character had any tragedy in her past? [5 points]

- It's Fairy Tail. Everyone is broken. [5 points]

Results: 25. Well, way better than I expected.

88= Uber sue; I'm sorry but your character is a total sue. Try not to make your character too powerful or too attractive. Maybe give your character some flaws and you can be sure to have an OC. Keep on developing your character; he/she has a lot potential.

55= Mary Sue. Your character is rough around the edges but with a little more polishing then your character will become a lovable OC. Maybe either give your character more or less flaws. Try to make them a bit more believable and you will have an OC.

29= You have a very well balanced character. Good job on having a true OC.

20 and under= Anti sue. Why are you taking this test?

Tagged: Anyone who wants to do it. Too lazy to tag people XD
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My nephew was born today and I can't even see him because of stupid surgery. :'(
Going to have to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed :(
I just got admitted to my hospital. I've been in a lot of pain, and have found out I have pancreatitis.😞😞😞
Seeing everyone posting My Hero Academia art makes me believe that I've gotten into the fandom at the right time, and that makes me incredibly happy. I usually always fall far behind when no one is interested in it anymore lmao.


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